Thank you 2015! The best places I visited

Looking back I know I have been immensely fortunate this year having the possibility to travel across the world, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. I have also visited some unique places in my own country where I had never been before. I did some beautiful trekking (literally breath-taking!) on the Alpes which are full of parks and places to be discovered! Continue reading “Thank you 2015! The best places I visited”


Welcome On the Road through..!

I have always been a passionate traveler and I love to share my experiences and opinions with other travelers. I welcome everyone to peek intoย my postsย and I hope you will find some inspiration for your next adventure ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let’s see if we have something in common: thisย is my personal list of 10 things I LOVEย about TRAVELLING: waking up very early in the morning overflowing with … Continue reading Welcome On the Road through..!