Italy – Walking on the Moon

Nowadays walking on the moon is not (yet) affordable but it is possible to try a similar experience on Earth, or at least I imagine it would be quite the same!

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Thank you 2015! The best places I visited

Looking back I know I have been immensely fortunate this year having the possibility to travel across the world, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. I have also visited some unique places in my own country where I had never been before. I did some beautiful trekking (literally breath-taking!) on the Alpes which are full of parks and places to be discovered! Continue reading “Thank you 2015! The best places I visited”

Italy – Siena: famous spots and hidden secrets

The historical medieval center of Siena in Tuscany (Italy) has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 1995.

The city has a perfectly preserved and unique gothic appearance and many famous historical places are visited by turists from all over the world. These places don’t need an introduction: keep in mind the list below and just be sure to visit them all.

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A workshop hosted by Nikon School: the beauty of Cinque Terre

The universal ecstasy of things declares itself without noise; the very water seem to sleep. Quite unlike human celebrations, here is a silent orgy. An ever-increasing light seems to make objects increasingly sparkle. Aroused flowers burn with the desire to undo the sky’s azure by the energy of their colors, and the heat, turning scents visible, seems to make them rise to the sun like smoke.

C. Baudelarie, The Fool and the Venus

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Chamois, a unique Alpine Pearl

There is a unique place in Italy where the streets are suitable only for walking through the modern and ancient rural houses surrounded by a peaceful and majestic alpine landscape.

Chamois, at an altitude of over 1,815 meters, is the only italian commune onshore impossible to be reached by car: it distinct itself among the Alpine Pearls, a consortium promoting the soft mobility and environmentally friendly activities. Continue reading “Chamois, a unique Alpine Pearl”